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Inspiring Hope.


To spread the culture of love and stir hope in every community that we serve and beyond. We
envision a world of positive and healthy relationships, free from violence.

G.A.S is an all-inclusive nonprofit organization dedicated to providing selfless, compassionate, and
nonjudgmental services in ways that encourage self-respect and self-sufficiency to victims and
survivors of abusive relationships, child abuse and maltreatment while advancing the struggle against
domestic violence through community awareness, advocacy, education and empowerment.

We are more than just a nonprofit because we consistently pursue a commitment to organizational
excellence and exceptional quality programs that represent exemplary performance and commitment
to the community. We believe in turning fear into strength and inspiring hope for those we serve.
We want to help everyone within our reach feel safe, empowered and confident on their journey to
healing from abuse and forging new beginnings.

We encourage people to stand up against domestic violence and take action by joining our worthy
cause and to take action through donations and contributions. This will help us to better leverage
support and resources for the greater good of humanity.

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At G.A.S, our mission is to create an inclusive and supportive environment that inspires love,
enhances the quality of life and empowers victims and survivors of domestic violence to find their
feet while offering valuable support and assistance they need to thrive in a challenging society.

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To spread the culture of love and stir hope in every community that we serve and beyond. We
envision a world of positive and healthy relationships, free from violence.

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We believe everyone has inherent self-worth so we are committed to providing help and hope to all
those who have been treated unfairly. We are devoted to working collaboratively in building strong,
nonviolent communities.


We believe our bond with humanity is strengthened as we contribute to the process of enriching
lives, making positive impacts and giving back to the society. We are passionate about facilitating
programs that foster a better understanding of domestic violence and advocating for positive change
through community awareness, education and empowerment.


Our values are a reflection of who we are and our commitment to making the world a better place.


This is the basis of our individual and collective actions. We are accountable to the
people we humbly serve, transparently safeguarding their confidentiality while sharing our
stories, challenges and successes.


Our conviction is to improve the quality of life of people within our reach. We love
what we do and putting smiles on the faces of people give us joy.


We challenge ourselves to always exceed expectations and aspire to achieve the
highest level of professional excellence, performance and results that create lasting impacts.


We are focused on ensuring the well-being of those we serve and helping them
live functional and empowered lives.

Inclusion and Diversity

We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We are true to our
mission and vision while embracing diverse perspectives without judgment.


The name G.A.S was coined after the names of the three children of our founder; Gerald,
Asanteaira and Serenity. They are the reason she continues to fight everyday for people like her.
Although she grew up in abuse and was put in the foster system, she didn’t let that define her. She
knew she wanted more for not only her, but for her children. She knew she had to break the curse
and beat all of the odds that were dealt to her. She is committed to helping as many people she can
and turning their helplessness into hope. When she entered into an abuse relationship, she wanted to
get out so bad, but couldn’t, because she depended on him and was afraid of letting her kids down.
She kept seeking help, but because of her age and the county she lived in, there was either no help
or limited help. The ultimate goal of G.A.S is to provide a wide range of services in multiple
counties without any age restriction and help those who are trying to escape abuse (domestic
violence or child abuse).

G.A.S is committed to helping youths and families heal and grow with advocacy and education that
inspires and strengthens each person with confidence at low points of life.



Our programs are designed to benefit every aspect of work and family life, from education to parenting and planning ahead. Our current programs include:

Case management for parents and children

•           Parenting workshops

•           Summer program

•           Financial literacy training

•           Life skills training

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